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An American Killing

As such things are measured in Washington, Denise Burke has everything a woman of wit could want: fabulous house, two hip kids, a marriage carefully constructed to allow maximum mutual leeway with a husband smack in the center of Bill Clinton’s inner circle, and a high-profile lover. But when the lover, who happens to be a congressman, dies en flagrante with a D.C. call girl, she confides in her best buddy Poppy Rice of the FBI that her bullshit detector is on full alert. But someone is serious about getting Denise to mind her own business. Serious enough to make her a moving target. Combining political savvy, edgy suspense and unbearable tension, and based on a real crime, An American Killing is a smart-mouthed, fast-paced, tale of murder and perfidy in the power centers of our nation.

--The reader can't help being torn between racing ahead to discover the denouement and slowing down to enjoy the company of a host of superbly drawn characters who find themselves on surprisingly intimate terms with evil. According to Mary-Ann Tirone Smith, most of us are. – The New York Times Book Review.