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She's Not There

See The Zombies performing their 1965 chart-buster.

In the second Poppy Rice mystery, her boss at the FBI, orders her to take a leave to recuperate from the recent injuries she sustained on the job. She is less than thrilled, but takes up on an invitation regularly offered to her by her boyfriend, Joe Barnow, to spend a little time at his cottage on Block Island. Within day, while biking along the spectacular Atlantic coastline, she comes upon the body of a young girl from a summer camp for overweight teenagers. She has no visible wounds and the cause of death becomes as much a mystery as who killed her. And then another girl goes missing. Poppy needs all the help she can get, and has no choice but to partner up with the Rhode Island State Police officer in charge of the island, who is busy with some liquor that needs drinking. And the tight-lipped furtive island natives tend to keep secrets—even deadly ones.

--FBI agent Poppy Rice’s new case is a chilling one that’s sure to intrigue. Rich in eccentric characters, suspense, and Block Island lore, this is a terrific second entry in this promising new series. – Marcia Muller